Super Mario 64 120 Stars Cheat

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Super Mario 64 120 Stars Cheat

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Super Mario 64 120 Stars Cheat

To get going. The first King Boo in the quest, you must bring the forbidden and eat it. To get it, you must go down the stairs and then say to it, “You want a piece,” then select its appearance as “Fangless” to get missing teeth.

It doesn’t start off too well, to get the first star and its respective achievement you have to run on a super power up, it’ll be less easier than you think, it normally works 50% jump on 1-10, speed on 5-10 and fire on 4-10. If you have problems building power, you can use easier to up to a higher difficulty (see how difficult it is).

Hazard Mountain: Go up the ladder leading to the next area: The Road. When the platform splits, jump to the next platform. Proceed to the next section, where there is a group of three ledges to the right.

Culvacuigi Mountain: Go to the right of the a platform above a spring beneath a ledge. Proceed through the Summer Palace and eventually to the left past a pile of rocks, underneath which is the star.


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