Physics Lab Apparatus And Their Uses Pdf Free Download

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Physics Lab Apparatus And Their Uses Pdf Download

When I was about ten years old I wanted to be a scientist. I enjoyed chemistry and physics and went to a local college. But the teaching was not good and I found it boring to sit and listen to a university professor going on for hours about a concept I didn’t understand. Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out how to get out of that situation until many years later. There are many other students in that same boat. I didn’t have a science background. I had no common sense about how scientific knowledge is developed. Even though I was fascinated with the subject, I knew nothing about experimental research and what a scientist actually does. So I just listened and nodded and tried to figure it out on my own. The result was that I ended up in an engineering program but I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. I tried to learn my way through it as a good engineer, but I didn’t have the background to really understand what I was doing. Then after a few years I found a job as a chemist doing synthesis work. These were pretty straightforward problems but still I couldn’t really understand why I needed all that equipment. I just kind of learned to use it and figured it out through trial and error. I also learned to speak chemical jargon in a somewhat scientific manner. I asked myself questions that I asked other chemists in my lab and I slowly came up with my own theories of the best way to operate the equipment. I managed to do this pretty well. Now I could say that I was a chemical engineer. However, I had none of the background in physics that I needed to really understand what I was doing. And I had no skill in using the physics equipment that I found myself using. I was a good engineer but I couldn’t develop an experimental physics methodology that would enable me to do practical work. In the end I decided that I needed to change my career path. So I found a physics program at my university. I wanted to learn about the physics behind what we were doing in chemistry and related fields. I also wanted to find a way to teach myself how to do things like experimental research so I could apply what I was learning. Unfortunately, the program was a little unusual in that it had classes taught in an engineering-style and also classes taught in a science-style. I took the classes to start with and found them quite easy to understand. So then, I was asked to go through a learning curve exercise. This was a nice way for me to learn about the physics behind a particular


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