Girls Skin Pack V30 Final UPD 👍

Dicembre 26, 2022 0 Comments

Girls Skin Pack V30 Final UPD 👍



Girls Skin Pack V30 Final

Skin is one of the most difficult parts of game development for me, and anytime I add “skin” to a mod, I’m fairly sure I’ll regret it, but it’s something I’m going to try really hard to improve. Thankfully, Zopharose and CUSEPOLL0R have done the hard work for us and already fixed the problems that came from the initial release:
– All problems with the textures that rendered some players appearing with cheesy skin/clothing (and consorted with their winpoints)– Animations running off the end of the backpack (that’s a pretty big problem)– Working (but buggy) heat lamps, and working (but buggy) incendiary ammo.Thank you so much. I know this is an important upgrade for some, but as CUSEPOLL0R says, it just doesn’t mean as much for others. Can’t wait for these to come to the stage of actually testing in-game.

Buenas, este es el punto final de BATTLESHIPV1035. Aunque hay muchas mejoras, el mús grande refuerzo es tener la posibilidad de spawnar en compañeros.Todos ustedes ya podemos jugar a esto desde el día que el simulador fue lanzado al juego.


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